About Tetrahedron Junior College


Tetrahedron Junior Science College Established on 2013 is an ideal residential science college with quality classroom coaching for a bright , beautiful & meaningful career of the students. Our objectives is to impart intensive & extensive teaching among every section of our society. Tetrahedron Junior Science College tries its best to innovate scientific knowledge among students. The objective is to popularize science education among every section of our students in our society.
Tetrahedron Junior Science College is a knowledge hub with experience & talented faculties for students prosperity.Faculties are dedicated to extract the best from the students in the form of all Indian Entrance results. We are committed to produce more and more medicos & technocrats from our college.
Students success in the competitive world in our prime responsibility.Apart from that character building & increasing the spirit of unity and discipline is our prime objective. .

Aims & Objectives

To impart contemporary technical education and skills to students of different socio-economic backgrounds.

To equip students with analytical learning and real life problem solving.To make learning a continuous endeavour compatible with market needs.

To promote the spirit of leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation and ethics.